Nationsatrisk Wiki


29th July: The Never Ending War (238~ days)


27th April: The Awakening (9 days)

21st June: One Man War (3 days)

22nd June: GOONS Military Training Offensive (54 days)

15th July: Down with the king! (17 days)

1st August: Grimghors crusade (16 days)

31st August: GHOONST busters (28 days)

6th September: The Second Crusade (12 days)

16th September: A Fight Against Freedom (16 days)

18th September: Vacation at Trinidad and Tobago (18 days)

3rd October: A search for the lost (4 days)

8th October: A Pirate's life for me (56 days)

8th December: Piracy Never Dies (ended at an unknown date)

13th December: The Empire Strikes Back (42 days)


10th April: Trouble In Polaridise (19 days)

13th May: Arctic Sea Raids (9 days)

20th May: Alphabet Soup Crisis (10 days)

15th June: Great War III (Ongoing)