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Vacation in Trinidad and Tobago
Part of the Alliance Wars
Date September 18, 2021 -

October 6, 2021 (Duration: 19 Days)

Casus belli Digital Dopamine
  • TLE, member of DSB, plans to hit Digital Dopamine
Result DD Victory
  • TLE admits defeat on behalf of DSB
  • DSB disbands
Preceded by
A Fight Against Freedom
Search for the Lost

Digital Dopamine

DSB flag.png
Democratic Socialist bloc

Red Skies Flag.jpg
Red Skies
Unknown Flag.png
United Socialist Front  Surrendered
TLE Flag.jpg
The Lost Empire
Guardians of the Galaxy
Unknown Flag.png
Nations of Cooperation  Surrendered


DigitalDopamineFlag.png Will King

Red Skies Flag.jpg King1234567890
Unknown Flag.png Unknown Leader  Surrendered
TLE Flag.jpg Dawidos534
GoTGFlag.jpg MocaSilni
Unknown Flag.png Unknown Leader  Surrendered

Vacation in Trinidad and Tobago was a war that started on September 18th when Digital Dopamine declared war on Democratic Socialist Bloc. The cause of this was leaks and rumours proving that Democratic Socialist Bloc was planning to attack Digital Dopamine with Grimghor. Below is a short explanation of what lead to the war, all of which are linked to news segments in meme time news:

It all began on September 9th when Grimghor shared a screenshot showing that there was a plan by him and some mystery alliance to attack DD. This lead to suspicions on who it might be, and on September 14th Grimghor once again opened up and revealed that he had spoken to the leader of TLE about attacking DD which was also shared and talked about with the rest of DSB. This was later confirmed when DD confronted DSB. This in turn lead to DD declaring war on DSB 4 days later, on September 18th.

On September 23rd 2021 The United Socialist Front admitted defeat and left both the war and the Democratic Socialist Bloc. The following day on the 24th of September 2021 The Nations of Cooperation also left the Democratic Socialist Bloc, and on October 1st they too left the war.

On October 6th The Lost empire admitted defeat in the war on behalf of the Democratic Socialist Bloc and left the Democratic Socialist Bloc only 3 days later on October 9th 2021.