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Trouble in Polardise
Part of the Alliance Wars
Date April 10, 2022 - April 28, 2022

(Duration: 19 Days)

Casus belli Whale Bloc + Allies:
Result TLE Victory
  • JadenStar10's nation admits defeat to TLE
  • Polaris, DD, & THC white peace with TLE
Preceded by
The Empire Strikes Back

Whale Bloc.png
Whale Bloc

Digital Dopamine
HillyBilly Coalition Flag.jpg
The Hillbilly Coalition

Eden Flag.png
Eden  Surrendered

TLE Flag.jpg
The Lost Empire


DigitalDopamineFlag.png Will King
NpOOrderFlag.png AlmightyGrub
NpOOrderFlag.png EaTeMuP
NpOOrderFlag.png JadenStar10
HillyBilly Coalition Flag.jpg Shavar
Eden Flag.png Kernal  Surrendered

TLE Flag.jpg Dawidos534
TLE Flag.jpg Hatebi
TLE Flag.jpg Al Capone

Polaris: 15 nations

DD: 17 nations
THC: 20 nations
Eden: 3 nations
Total: >55 Nations

Total: 30 Nations

Trouble in Polardise, also called Rising Tides, was a conflict that started when Digital Dopamine, Polaris and The Hillbilly Coalition blitzed The Lost Empire. It ended with a TLE victory after Jaden admitted defeat to TLE forces and Whale Bloc white peace.

Operation Jaden

Operation Jaden was the codename for the combined attack of Polaris own "mascot" JadenStar10 and his nation. The Operation was planned out by Jonasz (Founder of The Lost Empire) and some of the higher ranked TLE members.

The Operation was initiated on 25 april 2022 after JadenStar10 started selling down to possibly hit The Lost Empire members. Most of the high scored The Lost Empire members started repairing and upgrading their buildings so that they could get in range of JadenStar10 to start attacking him.

This led to the total destruction of JadenStar10 and his country. His population went all the way down to 0% and all of his buildings got destroyed.


War Statistics