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Titan is the Leader of the nation of Quetad


13th March: Quetad was Founded

14th March: Quetad joins Pirates & Rogues

17th March: Quetad joins United Warriors of Freedom

23rd March: Quetad Becomes moderator in the NaR discord server

27th April: Quetad partakes in The Awakening war on the side of the Digital Freedom Mandate

1st May: Quetad Becomes Head of Foreign Affairs in United Warriors of Freedom

5th May: Quetad helps to end The Awakening war with the signing of The Gardening Truce

7th May: Quetad helps with the United Dopamine merge

29th May: Quetad passes 50.000 points

1st July: Quetad gets their first wonder: Interplanetary Space Research Center

7th August: Quetad passes 100.000 points

27th August: Hosts "Nations at Risk - 1 year Anniversary raiding Tournament!"

2nd September: Quetad passes 150.000 points

24th September: Quetad passes 200.000 points

3rd October: Quetad passes 250.000 points

11th October: Quetad passes 300.000 points

19th October: Quetad passes 350.000 points

25th October: Quetad passes 400.000 points

1st November: Quetad passes 450.000 points

7th November: Quetad passes 500.000 points

14th November: Quetad passes 550.000 points

20th November: Quetad passes 600.000 points

26th November: Quetad passes 650.000 points

30th November: Quetad passes 700.000 points

15th December: Quetad passes 750.000 points

15th December: Quetad gets their second wonder: Moon Colonization Research Center

20th December: Quetad passes 800.000 points

29th December: Quetad passes 850.000 points


1st January: Quetad passes 900.000 points

5th January: Quetad has built every building possible so far

7th January: Quetad passes 950.000 points

7th January: Quetad passes 100.000/h IP production

10th January: Quetad passes 1.000.000 points

11th January: Maxed out Harbour

21st January: Maxed out Countryside

21st January: Quetad passes 1.100.000 points


917th player in the game

Moderator in the NaR discord server after 10 days in the game

9th person to get the Interplanetary Space Research Centre

19th Person to reach 100.000 points

9th Person to reach 200.000 points

8th Person to reach 300.000 points

7th Person to reach 400.000 points

5th Person to reach 500.000 points

5th Person to reach 600.000 points

4th Person to reach 700.000 points

5th Person to get the Moon Colonization Research Center

5th Person to reach 800.000 points

5th Person to reach 900.000 points

4th Person to reach 1.000.000 points

4th Person to reach 1.100.000 points