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Timeline visualized


19th May: The Forum comes online

18th June: Closed beta testing begins

29th July: Stardust federation is founded by Spartan

29th July: The Never Ending War

29th August: Nations at Risk opens to the public

8th November: Spartan resigns as leader of Stardust federation and creates United Admins


15th March: Prima Victoria is founded

17th March: Stardust-CoTW Merge; United Warriors of Freedom forms

23rd March: Digital Dopamine is founded

31st March: The last bit of Stardust Federation disbands

23rd April: Formation of the Digital Freedom Mandate

27th April: The Awakening war

5th May: The nhp cheating scandal becomes the first major cheating drama to happen in the game

5th May: The Gardening Truce

7th may: The United Dopamine merge

21th June: One Man War

22nd June: The GOONS Military Training Offensive

15th July: Down with the king!

27th July: The Cursed Merge

1st August: Grimghors crusade

22nd August: The RS-TNoC Merge

24th August: Formation of the Democratic Socialist bloc the first major bloc to have more than 1 alliance as members

27th August: Nations at Risk - 1 year Anniversary raiding Tournament! starts, this tournament becomes the first in-game event to happen

31st August: GHOONST busters

6th September: The Second Crusade

16th September: A Fight Against Freedom

18th September: Vacation at Trinidad and Tobago

23rd September: The Plot Against Freedom

3rd October: A search for the lost

8th October: Freedom-Pirates Merge

8th October: A Pirate's life for me

17th November: Polaris and GOONS sign a MDoAP

23rd November: IronChefRamen becomes the first nation to get to 0 population in a war with Grimghor and Al Capone

24th November: First Moon Colonization Research Center is constructed by Tutnix

25th November: Tutnix becomes the first person to hit 1 million in score

2nd December: The Pirates officialy rename themselves to ''NATO''

6th December: The Lost Empire and NATO sign a protectorate

7th December: Red Skies officialy disbands

7th December: Grimghor leaves NATO to once again form Freedom Fighters

7th December: Rc_bandit, a GOONS member becomes the first nation to have a building level destroyed, done by Grimghor

8th December: Piracy Never Dies

13th December: The Empire Strikes Back

15th December: Lynx Alliance forms

16th December: TLE Heist

16th December: TLE-NATO Merge

20th December: Digital Dopamine is the first NaR alliance to hit 10 million in-game score and 100 million population

30th December: Notable player Cheems leaves the game

30th December: Digital Dopamine and Titanio sign a protectorate

31th December: Haze opens, becoming the first business related organisation in NaR


6th January: Lynx Alliance merges with Enterprise

9th January: Enterprise changes its name to Soviet Corp

13th January: Meme Time Bank is founded

14th January: Stardust federation is recreated as a dev alliance by Spartan

17th January: Haze buys Meme Time Bank

18th January: Alex's Armenian Alliance and House Stark sign an anti-Polaris treaty

20th January: Alex's Armenian Alliance signs a protectorate with Tenacity

1st February: Whale Watchers Bloc is created

1st February: The Lost Empire signs a protectorate with The Nations of Cooperation

1st February: Soviet Corp changes it name to Enterprise

2nd February: Digital Dopamine signs a protectorate with Enterprise

3rd February: Grimghor creates Freedom Fighters once more

7th February: Digital Dopamine signs an ODoAP with The Hillbilly Coalition

5th March: Enterprise merges into Digital Dopamine

13th March: The Hillbilly Coalition and Polaris signs an ODoAP

19th March: Digital Dopamine and Polaris signs a MDoAP

20th March: GOONS purges most of their nations from the game

21st March: Meme Time News and Noble Dennis News merge

22nd March: Grimghor recreates Freedom Fighters

28th March 2022: TLE-WW Merge

10th April: Digital Dopamine, Polaris and The Hillbilly Coalition declare war on The Lost Empire

12th April: Global Alliance and Treaty Organization is founded

21st April: The Nations of Cooperation merge into The Lost Empire

26th April: Notable player Cheems returns to NaR

28th April: Jaden surrenders to The Lost Empire, the Whales sign White Peace

5th May: Digital Dopamine and The Hillbilly Coalition upgrade from an ODoAP to an MDoAP

5th May: Digital Dopamine and The Hillbilly Coalition give their 72 hour notice to Polaris

9th May: Kernal buys server of Noble Dennis News from Burg_er for $2.5 million

13th May: The Lost Empire rebrands to Odyssey

15th May: Odyssey and allies mass raid Polaris' uninsured bank in Arctic Sea Raids

16th May: Digital Dopamine and Odyssey sign a 2 week NAP

20th May: Odyssey and GATO blitz U.D.N., starting the Alphabet Soup Crisis