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Prima Victoria

Prima Victoria Flag.png
Prima Victoria Flag

Sunray Victoria Flag.png
Sunray Victoria Flag

Basic Details
Founder MinesomeMC
Founded March 15, 2021 (estimated)
Alliance Link Join Here
Discord Server [None Join Here]
Prime Minister MinesomeMC
King MinesomeMC
Total Nations 1
Score ~ 10,000
Average Score ~10,000
Alliance Rank Sub 15 (peak)
Active Blocs
Active Treaties

Prima Victoria was a short lived one man alliance led by MinesomeMC. It was planned to be another chapter for the multi game community of the same name Prima Victoria, but due to disinterest was disbanded. Prima Victoria would pop up a few time, as well as Sunray Victoria. Sunray Victoria was the name for the Politics and War merger alliance between Sunray 1-1 and Prima Victoria.

Alliance Link


Name Combatants Dates Result
GOONS Military Training Offensive GOONs vs PV, The Coal Mines, The Iron Guard, Red Skies, The Heavens, Holy Alliance of Jelle 20 Jun 2021 -

12 Aug 2021

Military Defeat

(White Peace)