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One Man War
Part of the Micro Wars
Date June 21, 2021 -

June 24, 2021 (Duration: 5 Days)

Casus belli Red Skies
  • Arukas stealing of RS' safekeeping + two grants
Result White Peace
Preceded by
The Awakening
GOONS Military Training Offensive

Red Skies Flag.jpg
Red Skies

The Iron Guard.png
The Iron Guard


Red Skies Flag.jpg King1234567890

The Iron Guard.png Dragotopia
The Iron Guard.png Draginitebos
The Iron Guard.png Arukas

The One Man War started 21st of June 2021 due to a dispute between Red Skies and The Iron Guard over a sum of resources. A former member of Red Skies, Arukas, safekept a bit of resources in the Red Skies bank. He later took this back, aswell as a 10,000 money grant and a 10,000 industrial point grant. After he left Red Skies demanded the resources back saying it belonged to them. Arukas then joined The Iron Guard, and after an attack on Arukas by a Red Skies Member The Iron Guard recognized hostilities, officially starting The One Man War. On June 24th the war pretty much ends with an armistice.