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Never Ending War
Part of the Alliance Wars
Date July 30, 2020 -

March 23, 2021 (Duration: 237 days)

Casus belli GoTG
  • SF becoming a threat to GotG
  • Beta Testing
Result GotG Victory
Succeeded by
The Awakening

Guardians of the Galaxy

Unknown Flag.png
Stardust Federation


GoTGFlag.jpg MocaSilni

Unknown Flag.png Spartan
Unknown Flag.png Tutnix

The Never Ending War started around the time Stardust federation was founded. It was between what would become Guardians of The Galaxy and the formerly mentioned Stardust Federation. This was the first time the Guardians of The Galaxy had a real military opposition. The war raged until the end of the beta testing period, and continued almost immediately after the first public release of the game went online. Slowly with time the war started to fall more and more in favor of Stardust Federation. By November 2020 Stardust Federation almost completely and utterly destroyed Guardians of The Galaxy. On November 8th however, Spartan had to leave his position as leader of Stardust Federation Encouraged by these turn of events, Guardians of The Galaxy regrouped and started a new military campaign against Stardust Federation. This time Guardians of The Galaxy were successful and ended up winning the war. The war ended right before the Stardust-CoTW merge. This means the war lasted around 237 days.