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The timeline is where we put all the newly created pages, pretty much anything is allowed here. Wars, alliances being founded, merges, spheres forming, treaties and much more. The one thing we don't allow as of right now though is your nation being founded.

Alliances / Defunct Alliances / Alliance list

A list of alliances in the game where you can write anything you want about your alliance or read up on other alliances, anyone can create a page about their alliance no matter how big it is. When it disbands we move it too the defunct alliances category.

Spheres / Defunct Spheres

A list of the spheres in the game, these are treaties between alliances that make them act as a bloc in the game, anyone can create a page about their alliance no matter how big it is. When it disbands we move it too the defunct spheres category.


A place where you can make a page about your own nation in the game. Anyone is allowed to make a page about their nation where they can write anything they like about it. Have fun!


Wars is where we have pages about wars between alliances in the game. Do not put your personal wars here. Anyone is allowed to make a war page about a war no matter how many alliances are involved or how big they are.

Discord Servers

Alliances with discord servers are much more easily organised and can form a community much more easily. Any server related to NaR may be in the list here, doesn't have to be alliance related even.


Ever since the addition of treaties to the game there has been a lot of them made. And since they sadly vanish when rejected or deleted we'll store them here to never be forgotten. Anyone can add their treaty here if it's missing, just follow the general formula for them.

Update logs

Pretty self explanatory, here we keep all the update logs from the games past incase someone wants to look back for whatever reason. Please don't edit this page since it will be done by staff here on the wiki, thanks!

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