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Great War III
Part of the Great Wars
Date June 15th, 2022 - July 29th, 2022

(Duration: 44 days)

Casus belli


  • Market Manipulation from Talon
  • DD Spying on Odyssey
  • DD not active enough in Events
  • To remind THC, they are Valued


  • testing Military Capabilities


  • Odyssey + Allies hitting FoH Allies


  • DD refusal to admit defeat and peace war
  • FoH betrayal of Odyssey + harboring of spies
  • THC non-use of Honey in Moonshine (RP)
Result Cartel Coalition Defeat; HOG Coalition Victory

  • DD, THC, and FoH Admit Defeat and Surrender
  • Cartel Coalition will no longer raid members, including inactives, of The Hive, Odyssey, GATO, and Kongo for 2 months
  • Cartel Coalition admits The Hive, Odyssey, GATO, and Kongo’s superiority
  • Cartel Coalition recognizes The Hive as a legitimate and serious alliance
  • THC agrees to work with The Hive in production of Honey-Infused Alcoholic drinks
  • Cartel Coalition will provide catnip for GATO
  • FoH & specifically Linky will remain a controlled and respectable manner when in public chats
Preceded by
Alphabet Soup Crisis
Succeeded by
Night of Terror

Odyssey Flag.png
GATO Flag.png
The Hive.png
The Hive

Digital Dopamine

HillyBilly Coalition Flag.jpg
The Hillbilly Coalition

Followers of Hylia


Odyssey Flag.png Dawidos534
Odyssey Flag.png Al Capone
Odyssey Flag.png Hatebi
Odyssey Flag.png dragonitebos
GATO Flag.png KittenGosCrazy
GATO Flag.png The_Chancellor
GATO Flag.png MinesomeMC
The Hive.png MinesomeMC
The Hive.png Caboose

DigitalDopamineFlag.png Will King
HillyBilly Coalition Flag.jpg Shavar
HillyBilly Coalition Flag.jpg RattleHead
Legendofthegoddess.jpg RandomHyuga

During Conflict:
  • 50 Nations
  • 57,938,185.69 Total Score
  • 159,653,535 Total Pops

Post War:

  • 49 Nations
  • 53,722,341.1 Total Score
  • 168,833,189 Total Pops
During Conflict:
  • 56 Nations
  • 108,815,001.5 Total Score
  • 219,347,231 Total Pops

Post War:

  • 55 Nations
  • 80,616,264.9 Total Score
  • 140,178,971 Total Pops
The Hive formed after splintering from GATO on July 28, 2022

Great War III was started when Odyssey alongside Global Alliance and Treaty Organization blitzed Digital Dopamine and The Hillbilly Coalition. In defense of THC, Followers of Hylia would declare war on Odyssey. During the war on July 28, 2022, The Hive would splinter off from GATO and enter the war alongside GATO + Odyssey.

HOG & Cartel Coalitions

The names for the coalitions of both sides varied, the common name for Odyssey and GATO was OG coalition or GATO'D until Hive joined renaming it to HOG Coalition. DD, THC, and FoH were commonly known as Cartel Coalition for the entire duration of the war.