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GOONS Military Training Offensive
Part of the Mass Raids
Date June 20, 2021 -

August 12, 2021 (Duration: 54 Days)

Casus belli GOONs
  • Military Preparedness
Result GOONS Military Victory
  • Military Capabilities Successfully Tested
  • TCM & Iron Guard disband
  • White Peace with remaining advisories
Preceded by
The Awakening
One Man War
Succeeded by
Down with the King!

GOONs Flag.png

TCM Flag.png
The Coal Mines
Red Skies Flag.jpg
Red Skies  White Peace
Unknown Flag.png
The Heavens  White Peace
Unknown Flag.png
Holy Alliance of Jelle  White Peace
Prima Victoria Flag.png
Prima Victoria  White Peace
The Iron Guard.png
The Iron Guard


GOONs Flag.png Comrade Marx

TCM Flag.png Fulcrum
Red Skies Flag.jpg King1234567890
Unknown Flag.png Unknown Leader
Unknown Flag.png Unknown Leader
Prima Victoria Flag.png MinesomeMC
The Iron Guard.png Dragotopia
The Iron Guard.png Draginitebos

GOONS Military Training Offensive started the 22nd of June 2021 when they attacked several alliances in Nations at Risk to test their military capabilities. They attacked members of The coal mines, Red Skies, The Heavens, Holy Alliance of jelle, Prima Victoria and The Iron Guard, as well as some independent nations. They claimed they were "Just passing through".