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Part of the Mass Raids
Date August 31, 2021 - September 24, 2021

(Duration: 25 Days)

Casus belli SVARTEN
  • Raiding
Result White Peace
Preceded by
Grimghor's First Crusade
Succeeded by
Grimghor's Second Crusade


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Unknown Flag.png SVARTEN

GOONs Flag.png Comrade Marx

1 Nation
* No Alliance Affiliation

On the 31st of August SVARTEN, a lone player of the game, took advantage of the new feature that allowed the player to raid alliance banks and started raiding inactive GOONS members. This was so extremely profitable that in under two weeks of playing the game they reached over 100 000 points which up to that point was most definitely the fastest growth of a new player of all time. The following days GOONS countered on SVARTEN making them drop down in points a bit. The last war was declared on the 24th of September 2021, making the war last almost a month.

After being asked to fact check, SVARTEN sent Titan this message explaining the situation and themselves:

“September 3rd of 2021 ( Real Date )

Hello Sir Titan,

Commander and Chief

NaR war simulation game,

Thank you very much for your mention or your publication in the NaR historical blog !!!

I am very honored for your article. The truth is, I had a pending dialogue or conversation with all of you, the group, through the forum, or the Planet Union section of the page, or also from the Discord account. Unfortunately two things have happened; The first is that I forgot access to the discord account, because I only signed up to join the anniversary tournament to which you invited us.  I forgot my password. The second is that although it may not seem like it, I have been very busy in real life, and I have hardly been able to attend the game, as it should, and almost everything I have had to do with eagerness.

Sure I want to comment on all this legendary action.  O yeah.

So I'm going to tell you how all this happened, and how things turned out; I think you can take this statement as a kind of interview with Svarten, hehehehe. I never thought that I would become a legend, or at least an unexpected event, something like an asteroid or a comet. And well, although it seems that everything was planned, the truth was that it was not like that, since I only wanted to do my best within the tournament.

Well, How did it all begin ?? Well, apart from being a "lonely" player, I am a new player. I signed up just a fortnight ago- two long weeks. I had already known games like P&W, Erep, Edom, etc, , but he was tired of so much action. But maybe my experience at P&W was an important precedent to be sincere. From the beginning of my stay in NaR, I knew it was going to be a long and difficult road to climb and increase all the buildings in the nation. I saw it very delayed and too long, I even thought that many nations resigned themselves to abandoning the game, due to the difficulty of growing with the evolutions. It was clear that I had to raise the scientific points, and also those of science. I also thought that I needed an alliance, but that I needed to grow a little first, to start my own story, and also to create my own alliance - why not -. Which was something I never had at P&W. I did the tutorial judiciously, I created my excel database to perform the rewarding behavior,  and started with the daily tasks ( council duties )  and raids to inactive nations. In fact, if you look at my history I started exactly with the last nations on the list at the uttermost bottom. Then I wrote to Spartan, asking him, when the wars ended, because I noticed that if he kept attacking the last ones on the whole list, I was never going to grow. Little by little I was advancing with the idle raids. Suddenly the tournament came, and then I wanted to register, I opened the discord account, and I contacted you, to start doing the raidings to compete within the tournament. It was my opportunity to achieve the long-awaited 300,000 points of each resource, and also at least receive the 30,000 of each resource to balance myself, it would be a great help. That was my goal, and to do my best. I was absolutely convinced that I was not going to achieve much.

Well… And here comes the incident: At that time I was number 164 in the ranking. I had started I think, in 322 and for fifteen days I managed to climb a few above 200. Then, being I, 164 in the ranking, I attacked the first available nations on my inactive list. It went well for me. I repeated the action for two days and noticed that the next day the raiding was no longer active -as it was before tournament, you know, the 4 days - . That is to say, now the wars only lasted a single day. So the next morning, I woke up, turned on my pc, and just took the first 5 inactive countries on my list of available to attack. Coincidentally, it was that those first 5 inactive people on my list were all from the GOONS alliance. It was never intentional. I just automatically took those five nations and hit the button. When I attacked (with the raidings) I noticed that it gave me a lot of money and resources. Much money, a lot of money ( put in Dirty Harry ( C. Eastwood ) speech and voice ) -  And I thought this was due to an adjustment made by you, because of the tournament, to maximize the rewards for attacks and to make the game more interesting. I got 6 attack points, that is, 2 attack actions (3 +3) in the first round, this multiplied by 5. And well, my board was filled with resources. So I didn't think about afford it so much, and I started to advance in my constructions and also in the military field no wasting time. I was finally able to have tanks. And it was also for me that I modernized my army to the highest denominations. Then I thought myself: "Damn !!!!, What a fool I have been! How did I not do this before? “I thought I was an idiot for not attacking my first options on the inactive list from the beginning because I was so shy to lose a raiding - . I have to tell you and Spartan too, that I never saw in the message that you could only attack “inactive nations that were NOT in alliances”. I did NOT see that part. And I could swear it wasn't written. Moreover, I thought and still suspect that you modified the tournament message and edited it ( because you forgot to write that ), adding that the inactive nations did not belong to alliances, (I say this, because that specific sentence it appears in bold type), in any case, I did not see that.  Didn’t you edit the tournament invitation ?  <;- ) - lol -

Already then, the damage was done.

Believe me or not, I never wanted to start a war. Or hack the GOONS directly. I was not going to interfere, as a newbie that I am, with a veteran alliance, second in the general ranking. Besides, I didn't even have a wedding ring. If in my list of inactive nations there had been nations of (DD) Digital Dopamine, I would have simply started attacking them, because I simply did not take into account which alliance these five nations belonged to in my list of the first five. So it was all an accident.  But now as all you know: “One thing led to another”.

I must say, speaking the truly,  I think that The GOONS, should be called GHOSTS or GHOOSTS or maybe GHOONSTS, because I do not understand how on earth it is possible that there is an alliance with so many inactive nations. Almost all of the inactive first nations on my  list belonged to GOONS. If There were only five, at least, but fifteen or 20 inactive countries of them. My only message for this alliance, which is now attacking me intensely and destroying all my construction work in my cities, honestly won with the sweat of my brow, my time,  and my raids, and my persistent work, is that this was going to happen late or early. It could be me or it could be someone else, who intentionally or accidentally attacked all those inactive nations. Don't you think so, Master Titan? In your article, you mention that I was taking advantage of the new opportunity due to the changes in the bank's alliance. The truth is, I never thought about that. And I never did, because if I didn't have an alliance, I didn't know how the alliance bank operated. I did not know that.

My only motivation was to be the best in the tournament and win the 300,000 resources of each one. That was my only goal, and raiding all the time, I assuming, that everyone else was like me, intensely attacking all possible options among the inactive nations. With the award I just wanted to make my nation grow. And develop my cities, the capital, the port, the farms, the military barracks, etc. Well now the reality is different. I had to create an alliance, to save my resources, I am studying this of the treaties, I do not know each of its acronyms or acronyms - MDP, TUS, RS, TLE, I do not know what they mean, hahaha, I have not been able to handle the APIs either keys, because I know that I must integrate this with php on a web, and extrapolate these instructions under a web database with root folder with Apache, mysql or similars. I know some of that, but not much the truth, surely Spartan at some point will give me some classes. Also creating a page on discord, and creating bots that do multiple accounts, and a number of wonderful things, automatically, is almost a utopia for me. I always loved so much the bots and AI autos, but I am not an engineering application developer, I am a social worker helping people in a hospital, in real life, and now I virtually help people cope with the pandemic. In fact, NaR is a kind of therapy for me. The safest thing is that I have to forget about managing an alliance. But at least the atmosphere of the Norse Viking fights I imagine and the call to the medieval wars, sounds very interesting, at least, to see if the nations become more active, and they put some mystique to this game ... to make it more fun. I have highly valued this game, it is quiet, it is more gentle than P&W, which I played for 5 years and at some point I denounced nations that had multis, because they are effectively  a "pay for win" game. I even saw the Nookrium reviews on youtube and the Spartan’s reactions. I noticed that it takes almost a year for that video. I wanted something more relaxed, and well, now I know that I have not contributed much, because with what I did, it seems that this peaceful community has become very warlike. And the truth was never my intention and neither “is” currently.  

Well, this is the whole story. I make it clear that I know that the military route is not the only option to grow. I would like to offer peace to the GOONS and maybe pay them back a tax for “the loans” for about, say, 90 days…. Of intense commerce. I want to explore more possibilities at game - I like to trade, I like the loans, maybe the bank have credits at future, etc .  I saw the reports of my battles, and the truth was an impressive feat  - a killing spree raiding rampage-. I would feel sad if at the end of all that raiding work, I did not win the prize and even get sanctioned. But I haven't done anything either, that was forbidden to do in this game. In fact, I have not attacked active nations, not even the GOONS. My only mistake it is I was never read the “only in nations without alliances” . At first I smiled at their Counters, bring me to another old war days,  but now I see that they have seriously declared war on me and I am alone in this. Truthfully, this gets stressful, just like my old P&W days, for instance. I must request peace and amnesty ( I want to be able of sleep everynight peacefully xD )... or they will end up destroying me completely. A single nation cannot against fifteen, perhaps Tutnix can face the whole world, but not me. - Yet …  mmoaahhahah

I really appreciate your time, to read me up to here, but I could not do less than give you a great answer, in front of your tribute, in the wiki -history of NaR. I was honored for your dedication. And value this event. And we were connected, because I also thought to create my entry on the wiki, and explain a little about the history of this new -on the road - alliance called T.A.S.K. FORCE. Thanks to you for making me dream of this multiverse. Thanks, Titan and greetings all the crew.


Black from Svarten,

The Ancient Scandinavian Kingdoms, Forces. Long live to NaR.

Cheers and Beers.  Vallhalla is awaiting for much … beer, a lots of beer. “