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Down with the King!
Part of the Alliance Wars
Date July 15, 2021 -

July 31, 2021 (Duration: 17 Days)

Casus belli DD + GOONs
  • issues with King1234567890
Result DD + GOONS Victory
  • Red Skies apologizes and Admits defeat
Preceded by
GOONS Military Training Offensive
Succeeded by
Grimghor's First Crusade

Digital Dopamine
GOONs Flag.png

Red Skies Flag.jpg
Red Skies


DigitalDopamineFlag.png Will King
GOONs Flag.png Comrade Marx

Red Skies Flag.jpg King1234567890

Down with the King! was a series of wars declared on Red Skies (Mainly it's leader King1234567890) after several people were annoyed by king. He had also declared some wars on people in other alliances several times. The alliances mainly involved in this were GOONS and Digital Dopamine. The wars lasted from 15th of July until 31st of July. Red Skies was defeated and on the 1st of August after they apologized to Digital Dopamine in the official game discord server.