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Digital Dopamine

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Basic Details
Founder DeDe
Founded Tue Jul 28 2020 13:54:29 GMT+0100
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Leader Will King
Head of Internal Affairs Will King
Head of Military Command DragonKnight1998
Head of Economy Barrington
Head of Foreign Affairs Titan
Second-in-Command tutnix
As of February 17th, 2022
Total Nations 33
Score 28,922,544.12
Average Score 876,440.73
Alliance Rank 1
Active Blocs
Active Treaties

Digital Dopamine is, at the moment this page is written, the leading alliance in terms of score in Nations at Risk. Digital Dopamine was first established outside the game in July 2020 by DeDe, in the game Affairs and Order, then much of it moved in NaR where it rose to power after a series of successful treaties and wars.

Charter of Digital Dopamine

There is no official charter (yet), the De Facto powers is as follows:

Leadership of the alliance belongs to the Founder and 2IC which dictate the course of the alliance as a whole.


Digital Dopamine was first established outside the game in July 2020 by DeDe, in the game Affairs and Order. Due to lack of progress on the production of AnO however, much of the AnO DD membership flocked to NaR.

Digital Dopamine was established in March of 2021 in Nations at Risk by Will King, where it quickly became one of the game's fastest growing alliances, reaching 2nd spot in terms of membership. It was at the 23rd of April 2021 where a Mutual Defense Pact between Digital Dopamine and the United Warriors of Freedom was signed, after an announcement by Spartan about a new war update which would allow the top 20 players to attack 5 people above or bellow them score wise, even if they were not previously in range. The update eventually led to The Awakening, a war between the Guardians of the Galaxy (the then top alliance in membership) and the forces of the Digital Freedom Mandate. After the conclusion of the war, UWoF and Digital Dopamine merged, making Digital Dopamine the top alliance in membership and score at the time

Currently, Digital Dopamine stands at the first place of the alliance leaderboard in terms of score.


Notable members of this alliance include, but are certainly not limited to DeDe, Will King, Tutnix, DragonKnight1998, Blitz, IamCheems, Burg_er, Titan, Eclo and many others, whose contributions lead the alliance forth.

Current Leadership

Founder - Will King

2IC - Tutnix

War history

Name Combatants Dates Result
The Awakening DD + United Warriors of Freedom vs Guardians of the Galaxy 27 Apr 2021

5 May 2021

Strategic Victory

(White Peace)

Down with the King! DD + GOONs vs Red Skies 15 Jul 2021

31 Jul 2021

Grimghor's First Crusade Freedom Fighters vs DD 1 Aug 2021

16 Aug 2021

White Peace
Grimghor's Second Crusade Freedom Fighters vs DD 6 Sep 2021

17 Sep 2021

White Peace
Vacation at Trinidad and Tobago DD vs Democratic Socialist bloc 18 Sep 2021

6 Oct 2021

Trouble in Polaridise Whale Bloc + Eden vs The Lost Empire 10 Apr 2022

28 Apr 2022

Military Defeat

(White Peace)

Internal Affairs

The Department of Internal Affairs is currently led by Will King, after the last Head of Internal Affairs stepped down. IA is responsible for the recruitment of new members, as well as maintaining activity throughout the alliance by any means necessary (read: any means necessary).

To date, the Heads of Internal affairs have been Eclogronio and Will King.

Military Command

Milcom is currently led by DragonKnight1998. Its task is to prepare Digital Dopamine for the inevitable conflicts that transpire in a Nation Simulator. From developing strategies, to creating doctrines, to familiarizing members to the Art of War and setting the stage for a defense or offense, Milcom aims for nothing less that victory on the battlefield.

To date, the Heads of Military Command are Dungeon Nerdy and DragonKnight1998.

Economy Department

Digital Dopamine's Economic Department is currently led by IamCheems. The Head of economy is responsible for analyzing the economic growth of the alliance, creating various economic programs to stimulate said growth and maintain a strong alliance bank. Due to the nature of the department, Econ often works with other departments like Milcom, for the purpose of ensuring adequate war preparedness when it comes to supply of materiel.

To date, the Heads of Economy are Blitz and IamCheems.

Foreign Affairs

The current Head of Foreign Affairs is Titan. The main task of the department is to maintain contact links with other alliances in the game, analyze the political climate of the game and solve any and all issues and tasks through negotiation and communication. For unknown reasons they give weird names to various pacts and every department secretly loves it (but do not tell them).

To date, the Heads of Foreign Affairs are Burg_er and Titan.

International Relations

Digital Dopamine in its lifetime has been part of the Digital Freedom Mandate, before it fused with UWoF. Right now, it is not part of a bloc.

Current blocs


Former blocs

Digital Freedom Mandate

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