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Democratic Socialist Bloc
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The Lost Empire
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United Socialist Front
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Guardians of the Galaxy
Red Skies
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Nations of Cooperation
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Treaty Type: MDP Bloc
Treaty Signed: August 24, 2021
Treaty Terminated: October 08, 2021
Treaty Status: Defunct

The Democratic Socialist bloc is a MDP Bloc that was formed on the 24th of August 2021. When formed it consisted of Red Skies, United Socialist Front, The Lost Empire and Guardians of The Galaxy. An announcement was sent in the NaR official discord and treaties in the game soon followed. At the time of formation the sphere had 1 012 515 points making it the 4th largest force in the game, just below Polaris. The bloc currently (2nd September 2021) has 1107802.26 points and is projected to surpass Polaris as it's growing faster than it. The Nations of Cooperation would also join the bloc on September 7th 2021 only to leave only s short time later on September 24th 2021. The United Socialist Front would also leave around that time, parting with the bloc a day earlier on September 23rd 2021. On the 9th of October 2021 The Lost empire also withdrew leaving only Red Skies and Guardians of the Galaxy left in the bloc.

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Name Combatants Dates Result
A Fight Against Freedom Democratic Socialist bloc* vs Freedom Fighters 166 Sep 2021

28 Sep 2021

Military Victory(White Peace)
Vacation at Trinidad and Tobago Digital Dopamine vs Democratic Socialist bloc 18 Sep 2021

6 Oct 2021


* Not All Members were involved