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Burg_er is one of the founding members of Digital Dopamine and the former Head of Foreign Affairs for Digital Dopamine, but due to real life stuff, he has stepped down, and now is only a member. Burg_er was succeded by Titan.

History in Digital Dopamine

Burg_er was first introduced to A&O (Affairs and Order) and Digital Dopamine in late August of 2020, when he was approached by DeDe with a job offer in a casino. Not long after, he joined the actual alliance of Digital Dopamine. After some time of talking about crusades and recruiting new members for Digital Dopamine, Burg_er had become the Head of Foreign Affairs.

After a long time doing what FA does, and after a long time of waiting for a game that seemed to never come out, Burg_er, with DeDe, Will King, Eclogronio, and more, moved to the nation simulation browser based game Nations at Risk, where Burg_er was assigned to the position of Head of Foreign Affairs, just like in A&O. After gaining a lot of members, Burg_er, together with Will King, approached a few of the top alliances in NaR, in hopes of forming a sphere with them. Two noteworthy alliances were Guardians of the Galaxy and United Warriors of Freedom. Due to the disorganisation and rudeness of Guardians of the Galaxy, DD and GotG haven't signed any treaties, and tensions between the alliances formed. Burg_er with Will King had more luck with United Warriors of Freedom, where, after some time of discussion, the two alliances signed an MDP (Mutual Defense Pact), thus forming the Digital Freedom Mandate sphere. After a war between GotG and Digital Freedom Mandate ("The Awakening"), Burg_er, again with Will King, started talking with the government of UWoF about a merge, which eventually happened. In early July, Burg_er resigned as the Head of Foreign Affairs - due to real life stuff - and was succeded by Titan, who was the Head of FA in UWoF and until the resignment of Burg_er Low FA in DD.

A little over a month before Burg_er resigned as Head of FA in NaR, Burg_er, alongside with DeDe, founded Digital Dopamine in Politics and War, where he currently is the Head of Economic Affairs.